A new way of “tagging” yourself or your family in.
With this new and smart image, you create your own and special picture by lighting your visit places up on the wall.
The map is placed on the wall in your home, so when you tag you in somewhere in the world, the map will turn on a light in the country that you are in – and the light will stay turned on forever. In that way you can now in a cool way keep in touch with the places you have been in. They way it works, is that it’s connected to Facebook, so every time you gets tagged somewhere new, the map will turn on a LED.
It’s like your own work of art, that gets better and better the more you travel!


“Lightmap – Lights up the world for you!”


…The way the map is controlled, is by an application where you have access to add members with each light. So the point is that you can see where different members have been and maybe a different color where you all have been together.
The map is made with white/matte Plexiglas and steel lines between the countries and the maps will be for now Europe and the world.






Check out the Lightmap video, where you see the concept and a prototype:




The map is devided in five layers:
  1. First the metal plate that holds everything together
  2. Layer with LED lights to the ocean
  3. Layer with LED lights for the countries
  4. The plexiglas with steel lines
  5. The frame as the last layer
It’s supposed to be on the wall, which means that you will need to have a wire from an adaptor to the map.
It’s connected to your phone so you have full access to modify the lights colors.
The way it knows which contries you have visit is by Facebook map, that it’s connected to.
This example is with the map of Europa, but it will also be made with the world.
This is how the product is build..