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This is who I am.

Hi, my name is Martin.

I’m a 24 years old e-concept developer from Odense, Denmark.

Winter 2014/2015 I graduated as an e-concept deveopment and in summer 2012 I graduated as a multimediadesigner.
My passion for concepts is to develop cool stuff and get a product/company to grow!

Thanks for checking out my site.

Phone: +45 28 60 83 95


This is some of my skills.

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I can come up with a concept, develop it,
put it on the market, and get it out
to the world.

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I can design frontend, backend and all kinds of graphics - Logo, banner, websites,
applications, and so on.

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Google Analytics and Google Adwords is important for any company. Not using Google makes it hard to get customers.

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I know how to manage a project -
Combining skills, planning,
lead and control.

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Marketing is very broad, and there are many ways of working with it. It's important to have a marketing strategi and therefor have the resources to reach the goal.

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Usability is very important -
I know how, what and when
to test the product so it gets the highest
quality as possible.


Click here and go to my project site or see the lates two down below.

Web, App and other projects.

Go to my project site to get an idea of how I design.

Design is everything. In the previously year have I been focusing in app design. Why? Cause I love UX/UI.

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The concept is about upgrading PDF files.

The main product is an online website, where you create an account, uploading your pdf's and customize them before embeding it to your website. What you get is what you see.

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Lead App

Lead App

Main function is to collect leads in a digital way. Used on all exhibition and is designed to tablets, mobiles and with a web back-end system.

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A few websites I have designed.


You are welcome to write me an e-mail.

My location

Måløv Hovedgade 54, ST TV
Måløv, 2760

Phone: 28 60 83 95